TriVita’s Weekly Wellness Report With Brazos Minshew, TriVita’s Chief Science Officer

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Stress and Your Health

There are four common causes of imbalance that affect our health:

  • Trauma
  • Toxins
  • Deficiency
  • Emotional distress

Stress triggers a flood of hormones that sacrifice healthy organs in order to solve the stress crisis. Chronic stress causes us to wear out and age prematurely.

According to the book, “Who Gets Sick?” stress is reducing the quality and quantity of life of most people in North America – including you! It strangles the joy and pleasure from your days and nights. It makes you miserable, and then it makes you sick. You become susceptible to diseases such as heart attacks, cancer and diabetes. Once you are sick, stress keeps you from responding as well to medical care. Yes, stress is a killer!

Know your enemy!
Stress is short for distress. Distress describes an unpleasant influence by forces outside or even inside your body trying to tear you apart; it can come from your environment, your body or even your thoughts.

Stress triggers the fight or flight mechanism. Your body will prioritize resources to meet specific demands of stress. In fight or flight, your body prepares to do battle or run away. Either of these actions will require fuel – and right now!

Where do you get that fuel? From organs you don’t need at that moment to survive.

So, if you are being chased by a lion, you don’t need digestion. Stress will take nutrients from digestion as fuel to meet this particular crisis. The same is true for other organs and systems: Stress will literally rob nutrients from your reproductive system, your bones, and aspects of your immune system, your nervous system and more – all in an attempt to survive.

Now, assuming you survive the stress, are the nutrients returned to those systems? No, not at first. They are taken out quickly and returned slowly, just in case there is another lion around.

Gradually, you begin to show signs of chronic stress that we call premature aging: your blood sugar becomes more difficult to control; your arteries begin to clog up with cholesterol; and your muscle and bone mass begins to melt away. Then, enzymes in your cells begin to turn off and caramelized sugars begin to damage your brain and nerves. You can’t think and you have no energy. Your body cannot stand that kind of stress and it breaks down.

Fighting back
This illustrates why we need nutrients from food and supplements to combat stress. The more nutrients we have “on board,” the less fuel your body will have to rob during a crisis.

The opposite of stress is homeostasis. So, while stress is constantly trying to pull you apart, homeostasis is constantly working to put you back together. Homeostasis is the priority process your body uses to combat stress. It requires nutrients to function. So, a key strategy for helping reduce the impact of stress is to take Healthy Aging nutrients (including a robust supply of Sublingual B-12) every day.

Rather than being just an isolated event, stress accumulates over time. A single stressful event can affect you for up to two years or more. Therefore homeostasis must be constant, relentless and dynamic in working to return you to a normal state. It must do this no matter which direction stress is pulling you.

Homeostasis is a very important process in our body and we need to support it in every way we can. Homeostasis encompasses all of our resources: our brain and nervous system, our immune system, our hormonal system and every other body function.

  • Adaptogens support homeostasis in all body systems. Adaptogens are “non-specific” in that they help your body reclaim balance. Adaptogens are non-toxic at any level, so you can feel free to take an added serving of Adaptogen 10 Plus as needed in order to break the cycle of stress. A daily serving of adaptogens can help keep you calm and relaxed.
  • A specific target of stress is the thyroid gland. Specific proteins found in Energy Now! support healthy thyroid function when stress creates thyroid imbalance.

Healthy Aging nutrients along with Adaptogen 10 Plus and Energy Now! can help protect against the relentless stress we all face. We need nutrients and nurturing; these lifesaving resources are found in the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness. Learn them and live them, and you will be able to resist the relentless killer: stress!

Take Control of Your Health
  • Practice deep breathing at least 20 minutes daily
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week
  • Eat high protein foods; avoid sugar and caffeine
  • Take Healthy Aging nutrients
  • Use adaptogens to fight off the effects of stress
  • Support your thyroid with Energy Now!

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Amazing Adaptogen Plants help body adapt to stress

3611L It all begins with Adaptogens. These extraordinary plants draw their unique characteristics from their harsh surroundings. They were first discovered in Siberia in 1908 where a comet had hit the earth, super-heating the air and exploding with such force that entire forests were leveled. This tremendous explosion completely sterilized this vast region, preventing anything from growing there.

Even without a comet explosion, Siberia is a harsh environment for vegetation. Only the most robust plants grow there, and only under the best of circumstances. After the comet explosion sterilized the soil, years went by before plant life once again returned. The only ones that could regenerate  &      flourish were those that could adapt to stressful conditions. Then it was discovered that the people who ate this vegetation as part of their diet showed an incredible resilience to their harsh, formidable environment.

Studies of these plants continued for decades. Dr. Nicolai Lazarev “decoded” the ingredients within these plants that gave “stress resistance” to people who ate them. It is said that he tested, decoded and classifi ed more than 4,000 adaptogenic plants from around the world, using a simple three-point standard.

For a plant to be classified as adaptogenic, it must:

• Be non-toxic in the body

• Increase the body’s resistance to physical, chemical or biological stress

• Normalize the body’s physiology.

For example, if stress causes someone to have too much acid in their stomach, an adaptogen must help the body reduce it. Conversely, if someone has too little acid, that same adaptogen must help the body increase it. The same is true for blood pressure: bring it down if it’s too high, bring it up if it’s too low. Amazing adaptogens offer outstanding health benefits!

Of course, Siberia is not the only harsh environment on earth. Other extreme locations also produce plants with adaptogenic qualities. As I learned more and more about these astonishing plants, I began to envision a way to bring them all together − in one single product. Knowing full well about the disastrous effects inflicted upon the human body from long-term stress, I was driven to find the right formula to help address these stressors.

There are only 10 known adaptogens. But there are many thousands of plants that can benefit stressed out people even though they aren’t adaptogenic. Antioxidants help the bodyvstay healthy, fight free radical damage and boostyour immune system. Trivita’s Adaptogen 10 Plus contains OptiBerry, a proprietary blend of antioxidants extracted from berries and other prime sources of antioxidants.

When a person is under chronic stress, switches in the brain turn on the systems needed to help the body cope, and turn off the systems considered “unnecessary.” One of the first systems turned off by stress is digestion.This action creates a big problem. It means that even though we may have an exceptional remedy to help deal with both the direct and indirect effects of stress, it can’t get into the body because the digestion switch is turned off. So I overcame it by borrowing a page from the playbook of Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine has found that Aloe Vera can help relax a tense digestive system. This helps nutrients and medications to be absorbed, even when the body is under extreme stress. There it was – the answer to our digestion roadblock. So we added Aloe Vera to our adaptogen/ antioxidant blend, and “voila,” perfect harmony!
If you are feeling the effects of stress (or if you want to help prevent them in the first place), then trust the science that delivers the true stress protection of adaptogens, and super fruit antioxidants and Aloe Vera: TriVita’s Adaptogen 10 Plus.

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