What Are Super Fruits ?

Super Fruits have exotic names and are from faraway places. The out-of-the-ordinary nature of these fruits adds to their appeal.A definition might include: a food that has exceptional nutrient density; a food that has extremely powerful antioxidant capacity; or a food that has the potential for reducing disease risk.

Can any food meet all of these requirements? The answer is definitely YES! Most Super Fruits deliver a full day’s requirement for specific nutrients in a single serving. They also “put out the fire” of inflammation by generously donating anti-inflammatory antioxidants wherever there is a need. Antioxidants help fight the battle against the calendar by turning back the clock on premature aging.

Super Fruits are daily insurance against the antioxidant debt that leads to disability and disease. These nutrient-dense foods allow us to catch up on any antioxidant deficiency we face because of stress, pollution and toxins in our environment, or simply overexertion. Super Fruits work to reduce inflammation, providing us with protection from disease and disability, as well as a little protection from the calendar by reversing premature aging in our cells. As you know, we all need the nutrients provided in fruits and vegetables. Health experts agree that disease prevention is best effected with the following amount of fruits and vegetables daily: * Children: five servings * Women: seven servings * Men: nine servings According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, North American adults eat less than three servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This habit has caused the death rate from heart disease, cancer and many other causes to skyrocket. Worse yet, those who choose to reject the antioxidant protection from fruits and vegetables end their lives with nine to 17 years of disability. When consumption is high, disease incidence is low. Modern medical research confirms that people who eat Super Fruits regularly enjoy a reduction in diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s and heart disease to leukemia and prostate cancer. Of course, we still need to make dietary choices that give us a healthy advantage. In the context of a healthy lifestyle, Super Fruits can be a welcome addition. Take a variety of Super Fruits to take advantage of the strengths offered by each one. Use them daily to ensure a life of wellness and vitality!

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